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Seeing Is Believing: Deceptive Acne Photos

If you've ever searched the Internet for some new acne products to try in a desperate attempt to clear your skin, odds are you've come across products that make very bold claims like curing your acne in 3 days.

These claims may not be enough to convince you that you should try their product, but then they also throw in these tempting before and after photos of people with a face full of acne, and then with beautifully clear skin.

These people really do look like their skin has improved. The results are maybe even realistic enough to be believable.

Now you're lured in.

These types of photos are huge for companies. They draw people in and convince them to buy their products. Many companies use these types of photos honestly, with links to the blogger's page and social media, with stories and realistic results. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a more sinister motive.