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Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid

" As the largest organ of the body, the skin performs multiple critical functions, such as serving as the primary barrier to the external environment. For this reason, the skin is often exposed to potentially hazardous agents, including chemicals, which may contribute to the onset of a spectrum of adverse health effects ranging from localized damage (e.g., irritant contact dermatitis and corrosion) to induction of immune-mediated responses (e.g., allergic contact dermatitis and pulmonary responses), or systemic toxicity (e.g., neurotoxicity and hepatoxicity). Understanding the hazards related to skin contact with chemicals is a critical component of modern occupational safety and health programs. "

Our skin is a wonderfully important organ, crucial to our survival (we wouldn't last long without it), and our overall health. Just as we want to take good care of our insides, we also want to take good care of our outside.

In an attempt to take care of our skin we slather it with beauty products, usually with the assumption that the product is doing something good or beneficial for our overall health or appearance, but sometimes these products have less than desirable ingredients - ingredients that we maybe should avoid, for various reasons (either they can cause irritation, skin damage, or they may pose health risks). Contact, inhalation, absorption; there are various ways that the ingredients we use on the outside of our bodies can affect our health, both externally and internally, not to mention can contribute to the damage of our skin.

But why would we want to avoid certain ingredients for health reasons, anyway? Doesn't our skin effectively keep out these "bad" chemicals?