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What Kind of Acne Scars Do I Have?

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Knowing what type of acne scars you have is the first step in figuring out your acne scarring treatment plan. After all, you cannot treat your scars if you don't know which types of scars you have.

Depressed scars are the most common type of scar that results from inflammatory acne. Within this class of scars there are three main types that are common in acne sufferers:

Rolling scars are relatively broad depressions in the skin that have rounded, sloping edges. The combination of several of these types of scars in a region of skin gives it a rolling appearance, hence the name.

Rolling scars are common for individuals who have had patches of skin that have been afflicted by long-term inflammatory acne. They tend to become more pronounced as the skin ages and loses its original elasticity and fullness.

Because rolling scars have rounded, sloping borders, many of the available scar treatment techniques are capable of producing positive results. Laser resurfacing (ablative and non-ablative), intense pulsed light (IPL), chemical peels, micro-needling, micro-dermabrasion and even red light therapy can produce improvements in the appearance of rolling scars. Cosmetic fillers are also occasionally used, but many times the large size of the affected area makes fillers an unappealing option. Mild surgical procedures, such as professional needling are also used.