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How Acne Affects Your Life

People without acne might have the audacity to tell you that you're overreacting, to just get over your acne, that it isn't the end of the world, that there are worse things to happen - and they're right.

But they're only right in that they're correct, but that's as deep as it goes. Just because they're right, that I may be overreacting, that I should just get over it, that my acne isn't the end of the world, and that I would rather have acne than many other diseases - doesn't mean that I don't feel insecure about my acne, that it doesn't affect every facet of my life and how I carry myself as a person. Nobody has the right to tell you how you should feel about something, and I'm sure that if they were in our position they would be singing a different tune.

I think this simply stems from the fact that these people don't know how much our acne truly affects our life. I believe that if they did, they wouldn't say those things.

For those of us who have acne, we know in our heart of hearts that it changes everything in our life. Even though we fight it, even though we sometimes don't admit it, and even though we don't want it to - it does.

When you have acne, your life can do a complete 180. You can go from being a fun-loving social butterfly, someone with all the confidence in the world, to being a self-conscious shut-in. That was me. I can speak from experience.