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My January Empites!

Welcome to 2016, a year where I do all the new things like post blog posts about my empties!

Those of you who follow a lot of beauty bloggers probably already know what this is all about - but if you're kind of new to this, let me commemorate my first Empties post by explaining.

Basically, I go through the products that I "finished" (as in they are empty - hence the name, aren't we clever?) in a certain amount of time, and I explain why I used it, why I liked it, and if I plan to buy it again. Generally empties will be products I reaally, reaaally liked because I used the whole thing! This means it was a product that I personally thought benefitted my skin in some way, shape or form. This benefits you, the reader, as you can see what products I've been consistently using, as well as products that seemed to actually work. This can inform what you choose to buy in the future.

Now that all the technical business is out of the way - let's see what I have for empties!

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

It's not that secret. But it is that amazing. This is the best brand for bentonite clay I've ever found, and it does wonders for my skin. It's a mask that I have been using consistently through my acne journey, and it helps keep my skin clear, supple, and beautiful.

It really helps to deep cleanse the skin, soak up and wash away any acne-causing bacteria, and tighten and firm a dull or lifeless appearance.

Mix it with a little apple cider vinegar (not just any ol' No Name brand you get from your local grocer on the shelf beside the white vinegar) for the perfect mask!

Plus, the pulsating sensation it provides is so, so addicting.

Banish Vitamin C Beauty Elixir

I also love this Vitamin C Beauty Elixir by Banish, and I used this baby up no problem! Every morning I sprayed it on my face to start my day.

It also has a little bit of tea tree oil and aloe in it to add to its acne-fighting abilities!

It was like the perfect beginning to every day. My complexion felt even, and supple, and well-nourished through the day. I've noticed with other sprays that they don't seem to sink in as well as this one does, and therefore I don't feel the same results. I truly love this spray, above all other sprays I have ever tired, this one I will keep going back for!

Banish VItamin C Creme

This is a particularly great creme if your skin needs some help perking up, as it is chock full of powerhouse antioxidant vitamin C, which helps promote collagen production and prevents free radical damage (something that can cause acne!). Not to mention, along with its antioxidants, it also has other fantastic ingredients that may help to fight acne, like willow bark.

You only need a tiny, tiny dab for your entire face!

Banish Vitamin C Serum

Can you tell how much I love vitamin C?

I got this product to try and review with the Banisher, which I did here. But after all of my acne scars faded I had to repurpose it, and now I use it for my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation I am left with after some nasty pimples finally go away.

This product contains vitamins C, E, and ferulic acid as well as rosehip seed oil, all of which help with acne scarring and PIH. With ingredients like aloe, this product is especially great for acne-prone skin, also.

So whenever my pimple leaves an unsightly pink mark, I just dab a little of this on there and after a few uses my pink marks fade!

Life Flo Rosehip Seed Oil

You guys probably already know that I love rosehip seed oil, and I love it for a lot of reasons.

I don't even know how long I've been using it for, but it's been years. It was one of the very first things that really changed my acne scars and my skin overall.

Rosehip seed oil naturally contains Retinol (vitamin A) that replenishes and restores skin. It evens out skin tone, adds vibrance and suppleness back into damaged, dry or aging skin - and it can even help with acne-prone skin because it is also high in linoleic acid!

If you have acne scars (or any scars, really) this is going to be your best friend. In just a few weeks of using it my scars were lighter, less noticeable, and all of my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation was gone. I can't express my love for this product enough.

This particular brand, Life Flo, I find to be better than other brands like Trilogy or A'kin. It is truly the best quality for the best value.

It's a dry oil that sinks right into the skin no problem, so it doesn't leave your skin feeling oily or greasy.

Now that my acne scars from having severe acne are finally gone thanks to this and the microneedling tool I used, I just use this as an overall brightener to keep my skin glowy and beautiful!

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