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My January Empites!

Welcome to 2016, a year where I do all the new things like post blog posts about my empties!

Those of you who follow a lot of beauty bloggers probably already know what this is all about - but if you're kind of new to this, let me commemorate my first Empties post by explaining.

Basically, I go through the products that I "finished" (as in they are empty - hence the name, aren't we clever?) in a certain amount of time, and I explain why I used it, why I liked it, and if I plan to buy it again. Generally empties will be products I reaally, reaaally liked because I used the whole thing! This means it was a product that I personally thought benefitted my skin in some way, shape or form. This benefits you, the reader, as you can see what products I've been consistently using, as well as products that seemed to actually work. This can inform what you choose to buy in the future.

Now that all the technical business is out of the way - let's see what I have for empties!

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay