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My Skin Care Favourites!

As always, it's my pleasure to share my favourite skin care & beauty products with you!

Please keep in mind a few things before reading on:

1. Preferences for things are entirely subjective. For instance, a scent I find captivating you may find makes you want to vomit. A texture that makes my skin crawl may make yours sing. And likewise, what works for my skin and has been my Holy Grail may be the worst thing you've ever put on your skin. Subjectivity is the name of the skin care game, lovelies, and unfortunately that's just a chance we have to take when buying new products. Accept the fact that you may not like the product everyone raves about, and you won't be so disappointed if it doesn't end up working for you. Modify your expectations!

2. What we can be aware of is the types of people we are getting ideas from. Of course the first rule of logic still applies, but generally speaking anecdotal evidence is poor at best. If you're deliberately searching out reviews on, say, a certain type of facial, you're automatically going to find more good reviews than bad (although ... not always - sometimes products are truly awful and nobody has anything good to say about them). This is because some products tend to develop a "cult" or following of people who love a product or what it stands for so much that they want to tell the world. Sometimes people are being paid for these testimonies (although that doesn't always speak to its efficacy) and other times these people just truly believe in a product. Regardless, you don't see a lot of negative reviews online because people who don't like a product are much less likely to go out of their way to leave a negative review (unless it was a really bad experience). And even if you do read some bad reviews, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try the product! It just means you need to take everything into consideration: what are people saying about the product, what does the science say about the product, what does my skin usually need/like, and does this product fit those needs?

So, without further ado, here's a list of some of my all-time skin care & beauty favourites!