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5 Reasons Your Skin May Break Out with a New Skin Care Product

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People are always afraid of trying new products. In the acne world it's like the scariest thing we can think of. Every time I suggest a product to someone, the first question they ask is, "Yeah, but will it break me out?"

I don't know. I can't answer that question - literally the only way you can know with 100% certainty if something will break you out, is by trying it. Usually I like to weigh the odds - the risks of it breaking you out versus the odds of it helping your skin, and go from there. Sometimes you just have to take the plunge!

Regardless, here are some reasons that your skin may break out or react negatively to a new product, a new routine, or maybe even to a product that you've been using for months or years.

1. You may be using products that just plain aren't right for your skin. I see people rave about products all the time, and yet I know that if I bother trying them (based on their ingredients or what they're intended to do) I will just end up with breakouts, or dry and damaged skin. So I usually stay away (although sometimes I like to tempt fate hehe). That's the beauty of knowing my skin and my skin's needs - as much as I want to have clear skin that never breaks out, I don't, and so it doesn't do me any good buying skin care products formulated and geared toward people with normal skin. I always have to keep my acne in mind.

An example is using products that claim to dry up oily skin despite the fact that your skin is very dry. It just doesn't make any sense! You need to buy skin care products that are suitable for your skin type and your skin's needs (dry skin needs more moisture, oily skin might need a little less moisture, but it also might need a little reparative help!). It also doesn't help to use bacteria-fighting ingredients i