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Reduce Acne By Eating This Fruit!

What if I told you that you could potentially reduce your acne by about half, just by adding this fruit into your diet?

You'd probably tell me I'm delusional - but hear me out!

We hear a lot about Chinese medicine, but we don't hear much about herbs used in Japan for medicine.

There’s actually a root called Rhizoma coptidis which appears to have similar anti-acne activities to a drug like Accutane - but with side effects that may be worse than the acne itself. No problem though, because the anti-acne active component of the root is thought to be berberine. And lucky for us, we're able to get this active ingredient from a safer alternative, in barberries!

Barberries are a deciduous shrub having yellow flowers and scarlet colored fruit in the form of berries. Twenty two alkaloids have been reported so far from root, stem leaves and fruit of this plant

There have been anecdotal reports of acne clearing up after people drank barberry juice, so, researchers decided to put it to the test.

They conducted a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial of fifty 12-17-year-olds with moderate to severe acne. Half of the subjects got a sugar pill, and the other half got the equivalent of about a teaspoon of dried barberries three times a day for a month.

What happened?

After four weeks on the placebo there was obviously no change.

But in the barberry group, there was a whopping 43% drop in the number of zits, and about a 45% drop in inflamed zits.

This may be a result of berberine's ability to mitigate oxidative stress.

You can get dried barberry fruit here for Canadians and here for Americans. This is how I recommend eating it, because you're consuming the entire fruit in dried form.

Why dried fruit?

Well, dried fruit is condensed, as much of the water has been removed; this means that, by weight, dried fruit contains 3.5x the fiber, vitamins and minerals of fresh fruit. While things like vitamin C are often reduced in dried fruit (that's OK, we get lots of vitamin C in our healthy, plant-based diets, anyway!), things like polyphenol antioxidants are especially increased.

If you're not really into adding this awesomely yummy fruit into your diet, you may prefer to go for it in an extract like this one.

Or, if you prefer to take supplements (the second best option, IMO), you could try Swanson's dried extract, which you can get here, or here.

*Please keep in mind that if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, barberries may not be considered safe.

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