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Mooove Over Dairy: Does Milk Cause Acne?

Dairy milk comes from this majestic & massive animal.

This is you. You are not that majestic animal. You're majestic. But you're not that animal.

When you think about it, drinking dairy is weird. You don't drink dog milk, right? No, that's gross, right? I mean, your dog is pretty easily accessible to you, why don't you just get her pregnant and drink her milk? Farm fresh! Better yet, why not just ask your mom to get pregnant so you can continue harvesting her milk - that would be the most logical thing to do. It is, after all, the milk intended specifically for you!

We don't do this because we don't need the milk our mothers produce past infancy, so we don't continue to drink it past infancy. We don't drink our dog's milk because .. well .. it's gross. So why do we drink milk from cows, and goats, when we have no physiological need for it?

In reality, it is the evolutional principle of mammalian milk to promote growth and support anabolic conditions for the neonate during the nursing period. The NURSING period. ANABOLIC GROWTH. Heck, why not just take steroids? It will do something similar to your body, and will also give you acne. Lose-lose.