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Easy Healthy Vegan Breakfast Ideas

I know that eating healthy isn't something that comes easy to all of us. Some people will make it look like it comes naturally, but in reality for the majority of us this isn't the case. We grew up eating sugary cereals, toaster strudels, and eggs and bacon for breakfast. And most of the time our parents cooked them for us. Then when we grew up and had to learn to adult we skipped breakfast for late mornings and substituted with coffee.

But since going vegan, I've been forced to find healthier options, since many of the not-so-healthy things I once ate contained things like milk or eggs. These things were usually quick and unhealthy, but they satisfied my tummy bug so I didn't think much of it.

But don't get me wrong, there are still vegan waffles and vegan breakfast treats out there - they're in no short supply, that's for darn sure! Sometimes, though, we need something hearty and healthy to start our day with. Even if you're in a rush, these things are quick to throw together.

1. Tofu scramble

Photo: Minimalist Baker

This one is mine and my husband's absolute favourite. It's a great option to make in advance for the whole week, so that you make sure you're eating well even when you're pressed for time, so you have no excuse!

If you really miss that egg flavour, you can add a little bit of Kala Namak which is a black salt that has a sulfur-like taste (egg-ish) that really makes your scrambled tofu taste just like scrambled eggs!

Tofu is rich in calcium, protein, iron and manganese, as well as fatty acids that are great for your skin and health.