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High Cortisol, Stress & Acne: My Anxiety Story

Powerful photo. Photo credit: "Anxiety" by Christian Sampson Photography.

This is going to be a long one, folks, but it offers a glimpse inside my life, inside my anxiety disorder, and inside my journey toward a clear mind, and clear skin. So buckle up, if you're ready.

I suffer from anxiety and I used to suffer from depression. Not just a "cutesy" anxiety that hipsters claim to have ("Like oh em gee, if my latte doesn't show up in the next 5 seconds I'm going to have an anxiety attack!"). And not just a feeling-bad-about-myself-lately depression. Like, no, I had a full-fledged anxiety and depression disorder and I am prone still to severe anxiety attacks (although, lucky me I haven't had one in months! Go, Sam!).

First, let me just say that if you don't know if you have anxiety or depression, but think you might - you should obviously see your doctor and get a referral to find out. It's troubling to live with anxiety and depression, but it's even worse living with it and not knowing you have it because it makes treatment very difficult.

I personally love the heck out of this comic by Nick Seluk (the creator of the adorable Awkward Yeti comics which constantly put a smile on my face) that shows what it's like living with anxiety and depression. It's kind of cute, but dark and sad, and then positive and empowering all at the same time. If you have anxiety and/or depression, you'll probably shed a few tears as you relate with this little stick figure along the way.