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How To Keep Insulin-Induced Acne Away

Studies upon studies have shown the link between insulin and acne. It should be no surprise to anyone that eating foods with tons of sugar can result in insulin spikes which can manifest on your skin.

Some people would argue this finding, though, saying that there is no evidence that a high glycemic diet can exacerbate or contribute to acne, and I ask these people to share with me some evidence. These people generally are the ones who have never had acne and think they know all about it.

For those of us with acne that is exacerbated by a lousy diet, we know otherwise. The science knows otherwise, too.

Hyperglycemic diets can induce insulin and IGF-1-mediated PI3K ⁄ Akt-activation inducing sebaceous lipogenesis, sebocyte, and keratinocyte proliferation, all of which can aggravate acne. While insulin resistance certainly is NOT the most prominent contributing factor, and may not be the case for all acne sufferers, it can definitely be a contributor for some, especially those of us who are eating rather unhealthy, high glycemic diets with lots of dairy products, pastries and processed foods, and low in fresh, whole fruits and vegetables. Postadolescent male patients with acne more commonly have insulin resistance.