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Many people come to me with skin problems and tell me that they have sensitive skin. Not worrying about semantics, they usually do - sensitive skin is, after all, fairly common.

Sensitive skin is usually easily irritated, dry, sometimes flaky, painful, red, inflamed ... the list goes on. It's a tricky skin type/condition to deal with when searching out a good skin care routine. It's almost like playing Russian Roulette with your poor skin.

But is it really sensitive skin, or is it sensitized skin? For some of you, it may not make a difference one way or the other, but for those of you with sensitized skin - it could make a world of difference.

Sensitive Skin

This type of skin is the skin type we were born with, skin that is written in our genes to be sensitive, to respond outlandishly to even the slightest stimulation. For some of us, we know what type of skin this is - for example, my decolletage area is alarmingly sensitive to anything I apply there, and to touch. It goes beet red if I so much as brush my hand against it. This is sensitive skin, and it has always been that way for me, as long as I can remember.