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Cheek Acne Got You Down?

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Acne on the cheeks can sometimes be the most persistent acne, and its roots sometimes elude us. The rest of our face is finally clear, but that pesky cheek acne just will not go away!

Cheek acne can be from a variety of things. Contrary to popular pseudomedical belief, there's no link between your lung health and your cheek acne. Wouldn't that be easy, huh? Acne on your left cheek - your left lung isn't working properly. Not so. At least not proven, not yet. If there is any connection, we are completely unaware, and the medical evidence is hiding in someone's dusty old office.

But for the time being, let's focus on what we do know about cheek acne, and how that can influence your skin.

Cheek acne can result from any number of the following reasons: