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How Does Smoking Marijuana Affect Our Skin?

Everybody and their mum knows how bad smoking cigarettes is, not only for our health, but also our skin. With a single puff on a cigarette you can ingest 100 trillion free radicals, which can cause acne by depleting antioxidants, which are needed to protect your skin. In addition to its high addiction potential, tobacco is also associated with over 400,000 deaths annually in the United States, and has a significant negative effect on health in general. More specifically, over 140,000 lung-related deaths in 2001 were attributed to tobacco smoke.

But is the same true of that wonderful herb, marijuana? What do we know about weed, and the effects of inhaling it on our skin? Is it safe to smoke weed if you're acne-prone? Can we still smoke weed and be blemish-free?

Let's step into some research, shall we?

Cannabis and Carcinogens

First of all, while chemically very similar, there are fundamental differences in the pharmacological properties between cannabis and tobacco smoke. Cannabis smoke does contain over 50 carcinogens like nitrosamines, reactive aldehydes, and polycylic hydrocarbons. It contains free radicals that release when the leaves heat up and hit the combustion rate of 230 degrees Celsius/446 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, when you're smoking weed, the leaves usually do reach this temperature, meaning these free radicals are released.