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I Lost 12 lbs & Overcame My Eating Disorder


This post may contain triggers for those with eating disorders. Proceed at your own discretion.

First, let me say that I'm not trying to sell you anything. There's no affiliate links to any products, there's no hidden agenda because I'm a Beach Body "Coach", there's no catch - you don't have to subscribe to anything to find out "my secret" & I'm not trying to sell my advice - this is just me, raw, telling my story in hopes that it can help someone else not go down the path I went down.

I've been debating how to do this, or if I even wanted to do this at all - whether or not to share these photos, due to their nature & the fact that it feels like I'm putting my flaws on display. But I've been down this path before with my acne photos - I felt shame sharing them, as I do in some ways sharing these. But I overcame that shame by talking about my acne & accepting it as a part of my past, my growth, my progress, & now I share my old acne photos without restriction. I hope to achieve that with these photos, too.

I was a very active child, spending a lot of my time outdoors & playing sports. I would jump on the trampoline for hours, go for long bike rides or walks with friends, tobogganing in the winter & swimming in the summer. I played soccer & baseball for much of my childhood & I was actively engaged in all physical activities at my school - including track & field. I was sometimes teased for having a "boy's body" because I was very lean & muscular, as most active kids are. I even had a pretty mean set of abs! I remember riding on the bus home feeling bad about myself, at no more than 9 or 10 years old, because all of the other girls in my class were just the right amount of "pretty" and "thin".

And then, when I hit puberty & my body changed, I started feeling ashamed of my body even more because it didn't look like other girls' bodies. My thighs spread & I got cellulite & stretch marks. My tummy grew love-handles, my abs disappeared under a layer of fat, & my hips became wider. What had long been a fit, active child's body at about 8% body fat was now an overly estrogenic young woman's body with about 21% body fat. It was like my entire body changed almost overnight. This all would've been fine, but I was still surrounded by other girls who didn't have this same issue. Whether they had gone through puberty or not I didn't know, but they all remained thin & trim.

I remember the first time thinking I was