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Skin Care Travel Tips

'Tis the season, as they say - for travelling, that is.

Around this time a lot of people go home for the holidays to visit and be with family and friends. Conversely for those who don't celebrate, some take exotic trips this time of year! Either way, this time of year generally brings out a lot of travelers, and sometimes the process of traveling can take a toll on our skin.

With these skin care travel tips hopefully your traveling experience, near or far, will be a little bit less stressful.

1. Exfoliate & Hydrate

The night before you travel, exfoliate your skin and use a hydrating mask. Having fresh and hydrated skin will help keep your skin looking healthy.

2. Use Oils

Whether you're travelling by car, bus, train, boat or airplane, your skin is likely going to dry out from the controlled air. Airplanes are the worst culprit, and they tend to be very dry. Every passenger on the plane breathes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. In order to bring in more oxygen, fresh air is pumped into the cabin. However, the air at such high altitudes has very little moisture, making the cabin air dry. That is what makes your skin feel dehydrated after a flight.

Applying a serum or oil that delivers enhanced hydration and protection is vital. This serum acts as a vehicle to deliver moisture deep within the layers of the skin while providing an occlusive seal to help it retain moisture.