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How to Get Rid of Body Acne

Body acne, back acne, or "bacne" as some call it, can be somewhat similar to facial acne in its symptoms and causes, but the treatment of it does differ. Using our facial products on our body acne probably won't work, and it will be an expensive trial. The skin on your back has larger pores than facial pores, which means they are far more likely to become clogged. This is why it’s best to look for products that are specifically designed for the body to treat bacne.

1. Try A Different Approach

If you've tried everything under the sun and nothing seems to work, maybe acne-causing bacteria aren't the issue. Maybe it's a yeast issue. Pityrosporum folliculitis, a yeast, is actually at the root cause for most people with back and body acne. The treatment for yeast acne germs differs from the traditional bacteria acne germs. Instead of anti-bacterial cleansers, anti-fungal and other skin care practices are needed to get rid of this pesky skin issue.

2. Switch Out Your Body Wash

Like choosing a cleanser for your facial acne, using the right cleanser for your body is key to targeting aggressive bacne. Using things like shower gels may make you smell nice, but they don't really do much else. Instead, use medicated products that can kill yeast or bacteria and unclog pores. Some key elements to look for are pyrithinone zinc, benzoyl peroxide, or sulfur.

These are my preferred products: